ā€œIf one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.ā€
Maya Angelou


Three friends who found themselves talking about the same things over and over again; the ideas, drive, and feedback needed to create your own thing be it a business, product, artwork,  words, etc, and finally realizing  we wanted to have that conversation with more like minded women. 


Kate Lockhart

Always a learner but not always a doer, starting this group was definitely a 'do' moment.  The group dynamic and energy has been fueling more actions already.  'One of these days' is slowly turning into progress on my projects.  Voila! Women, Inc is working it's magic. 


Delan Barrett

Delan's ultimate goal is to have freedom and flexibility and hopes her Amazon business gets her there. She would love to be in control of where and when she works so she can enjoy the priorities in her life, which is spending time with her kids.


Abigail Bialk

Abigail has a very curious mind and a can-do attitude which leads to a lot of DIY explorations- homemade kombucha, success! Growing tomatoes, fail! It doesn't matter if it works out, Abigail just enjoys the process and trying new things. This also means she is always working on new projects, most recently a children's book and a planner with her friend Natalie.